Cotton Table Runner


Table Runner can keep things traditional and stylish at the same time. Back in the day, they used table runner to prevent the table from crumbs and spils, from time by time it became a well decorated for the table.

This special trip to the Khmer Traditional silk village today helps you to understand about local life and development of the silk village. You will listen to their stories about how the silk made and dried naturally. They do everything by hand using traditional Khmer methods – a process that will not be rushed. It takes half a year to dye fabric with natural indigo because every day it must be plunged into the dye water and hung out to dry, until the dye is deep and color-fast but unlike artificial dyes that fade with time. Seeing the descendants of the silkworms that spun the yarn and the trees the dyes come from, the village is rather a part of the forest too.

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L135cm W25cm H5cm

  • Hand woven
  • placed down the center of the table on its own or layered on top of a tablecloth
  • Position table runners across the width of a table, connecting guests sitting across from each other and creating a placemat-type effect for each person
  • table runner should hang over each side of the table where the ends fall

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