Recyclable grocery bag for Women


It is made of recycle cement bag.This recyclable grocery bag ends the need for plastic bags, so you can live the green lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Construction and development is constantly occurring in Cambodia.As a result,a great deal of waste is produced and the street of Phnom Penh are often littered with discarded materials,such as cement bags.We use this packing as the core materials in our recycled cement bag collection.Through this efforts we are promoting sustainability and recycling.

Our recycled cement bag collection is made by artisans, based in Phnom Penh .We are passionate about support marginalized community by providing economic opportunities and promoting social inclusion.Villageworks is a Fair Trade guaranteed organization that promotes the ten principles of FairTrade in every aspect of its business operations.

Natural Products

Environmental products that help save you health and the earth .


Size: 30x40x13x29cm
Weight (kg): 0.38
Height (mm): 50
Width (mm): 200
Length (mm): 200