New arrival…

New arrival of Cambodian golden silk with natural dye Collection.

Ten Principles and Commitment of WFTO

Ten principles and commitment of WFTO members are committed to promote in Villageworks. Principle One: Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers Principle Two: Transparency and Accountability Principle Three: Fair Trading Practices Principle Four:  Payment of a Fair Price Principle Five:  Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour Principle Six:  Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity […]

10 Mottoes

We are committed to 10 principles  in our company: having a common point of view, discipline, accountability and responsibility, transparency, respect each other, commitment, optimist , no partisan, good will and experience sharing.

Fair price for our weavers

Our weavers get fair price from our shop. In the picture: weaving production for our overseas fair trade client.

Hand weave by Ms Chum heap

This is fabric weaving for USA order. Ms Chum heap is a good weaver that made a beautiful fabric . She make with carefully and confidence .

Help him self with the skill he has

Even not enough body but he is enjoy with his life . He has skill and make his life more better than somebody. Special made to order wood carving for SeimReap market.

Project with SERRV International USA (People Support People)

People Support People SERRV board member Frank Millero designer from New York recently volunteered to spend a month with SERRV’s partner, VillageWorks, in Cambodia. Frank is a product designer, consultant, and educator based in New York. He was joined by Joseph DeLeo, a professional photographer who also donated his time to document their work with […]