Recycling material

We are working with recycling material and we save all little pcs to protect environment, all of those can be use in a very pleasant way.

Villageworks in tourist guard book

She travel with her husband and she read about Villageworks in tourist guard book, she feel that she has to come and buy product that made by Villageworks team. She is so happy that she can find her favorite design bag.

New product for Japan client

Indigo hand woven scrap Cathy slim for Japan client, how much are happy to pay for? I am using scrap to weave again to get a new look can say exclusive pcs.

Backpack available now

Backpack now available at villageworks retail, made of netting construction material, available in 7 colors.

Family dress .

In our shop , we have dress set like if customer want to family dress , they can find in our shop . It is weave cotton with natural color dress family set.