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Beauty Within Waste Products

Beauty and the Waste
Construction and development is constantly occurring in Cambodia and as a result a great deal of waste is produced and the streets of Phnom Penh are often littered with discarded materials, such as cement bags.
Villageworks use the cement bags as the core material in their Fair Trade Guaranteed recycled cement bag collection.
This provides meaningful employment to those disaffected through disability and low socio economic status by training and developing skills that enable women, and men, to gain employment through Fair Trade.
Bunnak Norm (also known as Anak) took over Baray’s first village enterprise – called Songkhem – mean HOPE in Cambodia as Managing Director. Having been mentored and trained by Esther Ding, who believed in developing and building business ventures – for profit – among the villagers improving the livelihood and well-being of the community.
Anak was taught to generate income and move away from being dependent and when donor grants stopped coming she knew that training women, to generate income and have sustainable livelihoods by producing good quality handicrafts for the global market, was the future.
The focus of Villageworks is on handicrafts production, which employs disabled workers and women in rural areas, which are sold in the Villageworks shop in Phnom Penh and through global export.