SeimReap double leaves container case


Product Description

Code: HH76g Size: W40 cm * H48 cm * D27 cm Net weight: 0.35 kg

Cambodia is an emerging country which is experiencing rapid development. The construction of these new facilities, buildings, and roads is contributing to high levels of waste. Villageworks Songkhem sees the possibility to alleviate two issues prevalent in Cambodia, waste and poverty, with one product.
Local trash collectors, people who are among the poorest of the poor in Cambodia, collect used cement bags, knowing they can sell them to Villageworks as a valuable raw material.
We clean the cement bags carefully and transform them into new fashionable bags and accessories for the international market.
This provides employment to 100 local handicraft producers and 18 disabled young persons who are mostly suffering from polio and recently received stable employment and housing in our new Sewing Center in Sambou Village, close to Phnom Penh.
Both our environment and society benefit from the production of these recycled bags.



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