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Our print.

We are printing by hand . Our hand printing on fabric are available, and special made with bigger capacity. We made it with high attention for our customer.

10 Mottoes

We are committed to 10mottoes for good team in our company: comment point of view, Discipline, accountability and responsibility, transparency, Respect each other, commitment, optimistic, No partisan, Good will and experience sharing.

Production of recycling.

Because we want to help our country , we decided to made the product by recycle . Recycle 100% you can find at Villageworks. Our product we make sure it clean and customer use with comfortable. 

Fair price for our weavers

Our weaver get fair price from our shop , we haven’t partisian or whatever. In the picture weaving production for our oversea fair trade clients.

Cambodia golden silk.

Cambodia golden silk is special and unique grow by farmers on Batey Mean Chey province.