About Us

Our Mission

We support vulnerable and marginalised groups by creating economic opportunities. We train and provide skills to home-based workers in remote parts of rural Cambodia and disabled people in Phnom Penh, with the aim of promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Who we are

Villageworks Songkhem was established in 2001 as a social enterprise. In 2015 we became certified members of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). We take great pride in carrying the fair trade label because upholding the fair trade principles, such as proving fair wages, a safe working environment, promoting sustainability and gender equality are in the DNA of our organisation.

We offer a large selection of quality products such as bags, scarves, accessories and interior decoration items. Our innovative products are made from a range of different materials, including recycled, organic and natural materials.

We strive to provide our artisans with sustainable employment and increase their opportunities, particularly with the intention of empowering women living in rural parts of Cambodia.