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VillageWorks Songkhem ™ Was conceived by a missionary from Cambodia Methodist Services for the purpose of creating employment, providing skills and livelihood to women and young people in a small village in Baray district of Kampong Thom province Cambodia from 1997 to 2001 and name it Songkhem.
In 2001officially opening by the Girls’ Brigade Singapore and continue supporting the project to 2006. With their support Villageworks Songkhem has touched many lives and contributed to society and to the nation.Villageworks Songkhem became locally operated by Cambodian staff from 2006.
In 2008 VillageWorks Songkhem Co., Ltd was registered with Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia and became a provisional member of World Fair Trade Organization member in 2011.
In 2014 we received the Mekong Good Design award in Tokyo Japan.
In 2016 we have been accepted as a guaranteed member of Wold Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).
The logo communicates the richness and purpose of this endeavor involving a dynamic tripartite partnership among the villagers, partners and supporters.
First, we see an EYE. It has been said that the eye is the window to the soul. The village workers have ‘Shining Eyes’ expressing the passion and life in their work. The “Single Eye” represents the full commitment by supporters to bring hope and meaning to the lives of the villagers. And finally, it speaks of the “Caring Eye” of all who involved to this common and worthy cause.
Second, we see a HAND, representing the working hands of the villagers, the helping hand of Girls’ Brigade Singapore and their partners, and your hand engaging with us to bring VillageWorks TM to the marketplace. Put these two symbols together, we celebrate the incredible teamwork by joining hands.
Lastly, the logo is a symbol of HOPE-HOPE for the villager, and a world where we stretch out our hands to help our neighbours when they are in need.
The earthy tone reminds us that we are created from dust and share a higher destiny to do well and help others while on this earth.The name VillageWorksTM stands for our mission on promoting handicraft products produced in small villages, using indigenous material, native techniques and simple craftsmanship. It also expresses our intention of teaching villagers the value and meaning of doing good works.
The SongKhem Collection exhibits the beauty and quality of handicraft works from Cambodia.
Our vision is to bring hope to the villagers and to nurture their self-worth as persons and to help them realize their potential and purpose in life. Our strategy is to organize, equip and inspire the villagers to produce quality handicraft work for the global marketplace.VillageWorksTM is more than making handicraft products and allowing the villagers to buy food for themselves and their families. VillageWorksTM is about restoring human spirit in small villages and bringing meaning of life to them. It is about empowering people to stand tall on their own.
Our workers in the villages are called “Shining Eyes” because each worker makes the product with passion, pride and enthusiasm. They know that someone outside of the villages cares, supports and believes in them. As part of the VillageWorks team, our workers want our buyers to be excited when they see the products. They take great pride to show their work to the world.
We believe in the dignity and worth of every person in the villages. They work and live a meaningful life to become the people they can be.
Each piece of work has its own unique fingerprint of personality and potential. No two pieces are alike. No piece is perfectly identical because no two of us are the same.
And we have dreams….BIG dreams for the people and the handicrafts. Every day we take a small step and make it a reality. Our focus and direction gives our people renewed energy and purpose.
Every cent earned goes to the villagers. We are committed to help every person in the village find meaningful work and become all they can be. We also want you to join and become part of this worthy moment.
We cannot do this alone. We need your support to continue to make an even greater impact. You can touch a life and make a difference in another person’s life by taking these actions today.
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